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SCInterface v3.0 Beta is around the corner. A new and improved interface will be just some of the features of the new interface.
Netarus, LLC, a leader in systems integration, is proud to announce its official partnership with VMware as a VMware VIP Partner. With its staff of VMware Certified Professionals, Netarus professional services can significantly reduce IT costs.
SCInterface for Game Servers was recently awarded an Editor’s Choice Award by
In Remembrance... April 16, 2007.
Game Server Control Panel SCInterface(R) for Game Servers v2.2 is now available
Netarus is proud to announce the release of the game server control panel SCInterface(R) for Game Servers v2.2 with many new features and enhancements.

VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA – Netarus, LLC is proud to annouce release of the game server control panel SCInterface® for Game Servers v2.2, which includes many new features and functional enhancements over v2.0. SCInterface for Game Servers is a commercial grade game server control panel for managing multiple types of servers and applications through a web interface. This release includes support for virtualization platforms from VMWare, Virtuozzo, Xen and Virtual Iron and an improved web user interface.

"SCInterface version 2.2 takes a major leap forward in providing easier navigation and improved platform support for any game server network," explains Chris Machut, CEO of Netarus, LLC. "Administrators and end-users alike can access their game servers in real-time through the web or even a web-enabled cell phone regardless of the game server's location, platform or type. SCInterface takes the headaches out of managing large deployments of game servers."

"The SCInterface framework has been enhanced even further to support game servers that run within virtualized environments," says Bill Cuffley, SCInterface's lead developer. "The web interface has also been vastly improved to allow end users and administrators to quickly complete a task, add multiple game servers at the same time and even dynamically render the interface based on the type of application that is being presented to the user. In the end, system administrators can provide as little or as much access to end users to a given game server with very little effort."

SCInterface v2.2 includes the following features and enhancements:

  • Virtualization support for VMWare, Virtuozzo, Xen and Virtual Iron
  • Improved navigation and dynamic rendering of the web interface based on the application type and user permissions
  • Install multiple game servers at the same time
  • Teamspeak and Ventrillo enhancements
  • And more...

SCInterface for Game Servers can manage both Windows and Linux game servers in a single platform. To try SCInterface for Game Servers, please visit the SCInterface for Game Servers automated evaluation program at (Windows and Linux) or download SCInterface for Game Servers from (Linux Only). To view a complete list of features with SCInterface, please visit the SCInterface wiki at or the online forums at

What's in the future for SCInterface?

  • SCInterface for Servers - Tired of having to open a web browser window for each server that your favorite web hosting control panel is running? Arriving in the winter of 2008, SCInterface® (pronounced S-C-Interface) for Servers is a distributed web-based control panel that can control everything that most web hosting control panels can manage such as email, web and database servers - but more. With SCInterface for Servers, your staff and customers can install, manage and configure nearly any hosted application in real-time through any web browser. With SCInterface for Servers, you get complete control over your entire web hosting network! SCInterface for Servers compliments the existing web control panels by providing a high-level overview of all web hosting applications. It can even control custom applications in addition to the applications that the web control panels manage.

  • Support for Additional Billing Systems - Automate the provisioning of game servers in real-time with support for more billing automation systems.

SCInterface® is a registered trademark of Netarus, LLC ( Netarus is a software design and development company based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and provides a multitude of innovative products and services related to web-based control and management systems. Its flagship product, SCInterface, has been in development since 2003 as a platform that can obtain data from nearly any piece of software or hardware and distribute this information securely over the World Wide Web. More information on SCInterface can be found at, or

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